5 Simple Ways To
Mentally Refresh This Fall

5 Simple Ways To Mentally Refresh
This Fall

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 October 09, 2019

​Fall is here!
This time of the year is the perfect time to press pause and reflect.

Just as you started the year strong, it’s important that you end it with that same mentality. How do you achieve this? Refreshing yourself mentally!

Let’s face it, for many of us the news industry can be draining and overwhelming. It’s easy to become burned out or irritated by the environment that’s around you. However, there is hope to get a little pep in your step!

So, here are a few tips:

1. Take a Vacation

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I know the summer just ended, but you owe it to yourself to take a look at your vacation or personal days. Plan a day or two to simply escape.

According to an article written on cnbc.com, only 28 % of people in the U.S plan to use all of their vacation days in 2019. Don’t make the mistake that I have done many times, which is not using my vacation/personal days throughout the year.

I would only use them on my birthday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. It was definitely not enough.

2. Start Exercising

If you currently don’t have an exercise routine, Fall is the perfect time to do so. As the weather cools down, tag along with a friend for a run or walk.

Find a gym for weekly exercises. Trust me, you will feel much better after you make it a habit to start moving on a regular basis.

3. Recommit to a Hobby

Do you remember your favorite instrument, that’s now collecting dust? Or the scrapbooking materials that have been tucked away for months? Pull them out and start fresh!

Hobbies seemingly take our minds off many of our day-to-day duties. Try recommitting or finding a hobby to enjoy at least once a week.

4. Journal Your Thoughts

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Journalists are a whiz at molding words together! Take that same concept and bare it all in a journal.

Journaling allows us to put all our ​thoughts and ideas onto paper. It doesn’t have to be a perfect format or in complete sentences. The goal is to declutter your mind from everything!

You will thank me later!

5. Do a Digital Detox

If you’re one of those people who has to check social media or turn on the television when you wake up, or before you go to bed, take this time to find alternatives to that habit.

Many people in our society are scared of missing out (FOMO). But you have to ask yourself, “Is this worth my time?”

Honestly, too much social media or engulfing ourselves in national news these days can be mentally exhausting. We have to be careful in what we consume daily.

Are these tips helpful? If so, save this post to refer to them as we head into the Fall season. If you have more tips, comment and share!

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