1. I deleted my phone app and no longer will watch Fox 17 News. Tonight I opened my app on my phone to find a disrespectful picture of our President Trump with footprints on his picture and his face “X”ed out, along with the representative of the UAE, to represent the article on the new and unprecedented peace agreement. The figures were also shown in flames. So disrespectful. There were many other pictures to select from but this picture was allowed to represent the article. I am also noticing a consistent negative slant to our President in every article reporting on his actions. I can get this same treatment on CNN – thanks

  2. Jeff Cox and WGXA once again disappoint with their weather coverage by spending endless time reporting about what happened “previously” while providing little in the way of useful pinpoint information about the storm track and current dangers.  Real weather coverage would be appreciated; WGXA’s coverage as usual was significantly lacking.  (I suggest WGXA’s management watch Ben Jones and WMAZ if they are interested in improvement.)  I only turned to WGXA for weather coverage because WMAZ was blacked out by my cable company due to contract disputes.  Based on prior viewing experience, I am aware of WGXA’s inability to deliver quality local programming.  Jeff Cox’s continuous apologies were gratuitous and self-serving with the tone of bravado from a witless weakling.  I am not an Auburn fan and was not interested in the football game but I did not appreciate Cox’s constant belittling of his entire TV audience, as if they have no concern for human life.  What an insult !!!  WGXA should be embarrassed by his antics.  Please WGXA, can’t you do better ??? 

  3. Can this ratemystation web site include Sales or Marketing under the job position options?

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