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#WVIT was reviewed this evening by a Reporter who claims to have signed a contract for a nice $89,500 a year. This person also describes WVIT as, "A great station at one time that has tanked and is now micro managed by..."
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#KOAT received a review this evening from a Photographer who offered this stern warning, "Get out of TV before you consider KOAT. Or, if for whatever reason you want to be in New Mex, look at..."
Continue reading about KOAT Action News: https://ratemystation.com/koat/

"Is Starting In A Smaller Market Always The Best Decision?"
#LoisLane offers her answer to a question most new journalists ask themselves: Is it really worth it to start my news career in a small market?
Read her latest article now: https://ratemystation.com/smaller-market/

#WPTV just received a review from an MMJ who claims to have signed a contract for just $48,000 a year, and they wrote, "Mostly great people at this station. Everyone bonds by commiserating management together. Toxic..."
Read more: https://ratemystation.com/wptv/

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