#KFTV received its very first newsroom review from an #Anchor who simply wrote, "Don’t work here unless you’re desperate. This station likes to position itself as the news leader in the Central Valley, but really it..."
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"How To Turn Your Broadcast Script Into The Perfect Web Article"
As the week comes to an end, #SoulWitness is sharing three simple steps you should follow when turning your on-camera script into a great article for the web!
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#WSPA was reviewed this evening by an Anchor who signed a three year contract, earning just $45,000 a year. This person also wrote, "My advice, if you do end up working here, get what you need from this station and..."
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#KFDA has been reviewed by an #MMJ who chose the words Negative & Toxic to describe this newsroom, and, when asked to describe the ND, this person wrote, "He was abusive and on many occasions blatantly disregarded his..."
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#WTOL just received a review from an #Anchor who chose to offer this stern warning, "Don't work here if you have other options. If you speak up for yourself in any way you will be punished. Professionals who have a..."
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