#WAAY was recently reviewed by an MMJ who wrote, "The saying of 'Black people don't last long at this station,' is relevant..." and went on to write, "If you are considering this station, you need to VISIT it first..."
Continue reading: https://ratemystation.com/waay/

#KOAT continues to receive #Negative reviews, most recently a Producer had this to say about working in the newsroom, "KOAT is the most toxic work place I've ever encountered. They do not take your concerns seriously..."
Read more: https://ratemystation.com/koat/

#KVII just received its very first review from a Meteorologist who describes experiencing Sexual Discrimination, "Women aren’t allowed to have a mind of their own in Sinclair. If you do, you are considered a..."
Read more: https://ratemystation.com/kvii/

#WBBH was reviewed this evening by an MMJ who chose the words Educational, Positive & Fun to describe the newsroom, and describes the ND, Darrel Lieze-Adams, as an, "Outstanding Journalist. Best connected news director..."
Read more: https://ratemystation.com/wbbh-nbc-2/

"Moving To A New City: How To Make Friends Outside Of Work"
This week, #LoisLane is sharing SIX simple things you can do to help create a few valuable friendships outside of the newsroom!
Read her latest article now: https://ratemystation.com/make-friends-outside-of-work/

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