"4 Simple Things You Can Do To Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet"
As we welcome this new year, #SoulWitness is sharing a few things you can do, at work and at home, to make this a year of growth and prosperity!
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#KVOA continues to receive reviews. Most recently a Reporter/MMJ claims to have signed a contract for $40,000 a year. This Reporter also described the newsroom as being, "An extremely toxic work environment..."
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#WOLF was reviewed by an MMJ who describes an Overall Toxic Work Environment, and wrote, "This is the prime location for someone to experience burnout. While the staff members are great, almost everyone who works here has..."
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#WSAV just received a review from an MMJ who simply offered a pretty serious warning, "DO NOT WORK HERE! If you’re looking for your first or second job this is not the place. The newsroom is run by a bunch of..."
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#LoisLane is addressing a major concern journalists are facing now that employers aren't required to give employees paid sick leave if you contract COVID. This has a huge impact on journalists who put themselves at risk every day...
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