#WGXA was recently reviewed by an MMJ who chose the words Unorganized & Toxic to describe the newsroom, and went on to write, "There was no open communication between reporters and management..."
Read more: https://ratemystation.com/wgxa/

#WBTW just received another review from an MMJ who offered this warning, "Before taking the job, I read the negative reviews on @RateMyStation, but I still made the decision to move anyway.. Worst mistake I could've made..."
Read more: https://ratemystation.com/wbtw/

"5 Things To Do When The Story You Were Assigned Isn't Coming Together"
Don't panic! #NewsGal is sharing what you should do if your deadline is quickly approaching, but you haven't gotten enough interviews to tell your story...
Read her article now: https://ratemystation.com/story-you-were-assigned-isnt-coming-together/

#WHTM was recently reviewed by a Photographer who chose to describe the News Director, CJ Hoyt, with two words, "Not great," and went on to write, "Everyone is back stabbing, shit talking, and never going anywhere else..."
Read more: https://ratemystation.com/whtm/

#WCHS has now been added to our 🏆Best Stations🏆 list, which means new jobs have been added to our Job Center!!! Subscribe today for just $9 a month, and start applying to the most highly reviewed newsrooms in America!
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