3 Easy Ways To Mentally
Prepare For A Day In TV News

3 Easy Ways To
Mentally Prepare For
A Day In TV News

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 December 06, 2018

While the public envisions a day in the life of a reporter to be one that resembles the life of “the rich and famous”, but that is far from accurate.

We tell the stories of people in our communities everyday, but rarely does the community know our life stories. They don’t know that many of us are faced with anxiety, and really have to push ourselves mentally to go on.

They don’t know that behind the smile on camera, or that firm delivery during a big story, there is a person that experiences a number of day-to-day challenges just like the rest of the public.

Mental health is something you won’t hear about in the newsroom, but it very well exists.

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In fact, last year, The Huffington Post wrote an article “A Mental-Health Epidemic in the Newsroom“, and a series of articles that tackle mental health among journalists.

But for right now, I want to share 3 easy ways to mentally prepare for a day of news that is related to this subject:

1. Prayer

I am a very spiritual person who looks to prayer at the beginning of my day, during the day, and at the end of the day. Basically all the time!

It helps me know that I’m comforted by God, and that the difficulties and stresses of this world do not last forever.

2. Journaling

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I’ve noticed there are a lot of people trying out “Morning Pages.” Just search for the hashtag on Instagram, and you’re bound to come across thousands of posts about it.

The idea is that you pick up your journal and write aimlessly the thoughts that are your mind. It doesn’t matter what you write about, or if the grammar is correct. The purpose is to dump out all of your thoughts for clarity.

After you’ve dumped those thoughts out, try reading what you’ve written at the end of the week.

3. Exercise

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Whether it’s a morning at the gym or a walk/run around the block—get moving to get rid of some of that negative energy that’s settling in your brain and in your​ bones.

I think that walking or running especially helps with stress, plus surrounding yourself with different scenery and feels of nature doesn’t hurt!

What are a few ways that you mentally prepare for a day of news? Leave a comment below, and let me know!

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