5 Simple Ways To Make Your
Annual Review More Beneficial

5 Simple Ways To Make
Your Annual Review More Beneficial

Written by News Gal
🕒 July 22, 2019

Is there anything worse than an annual review?

Ok, probably… I guess I can think of things I dread more than sitting in my bosses office and hearing what I suck at. But, annual reviews are pretty awful.

It’s like your boss decides to keep a list of everything you do to make them mad, and then unleashes it on you during your annual review.

Here are just some of the things bosses have said to me during my reviews:
          You need to be more of a leader, I don’t want to hear about you complaining to other employees.
          I hate that red dress that you wear sometimes.
          Do you like your hair?
          You should be more like (insert co-worker name).
          I think you’re doing a great job, but there’s always room to improve.
          Corporate really wants you to lose weight. They don’t like how you’ve been looking in dresses.

Unfortunately, in TV news your review might be about your job performance or your appearance, and I guess both are fair game. I’ve tried to learn to not take reviews too personally, and to grow from them, but it is not easy.

So, here are my tips on how to handle your annual review and a few ways you can make it more beneficial.

1. Go in prepared.

A yearly review isn’t just for your boss. It’s also your chance to talk about any issues or goals you have for your career, too.

Make a list of topics you want to talk about with your boss and put down bullet points, too. For instance, if you want the chance to anchor, write down some examples of why you deserve the opportunity.

If you want to do more in-depth reporting, give examples of stories you’ve done this year, show what the viewer feedback was, and why you think it is important to do those stories.

2. Set goals.

This is the perfect time to reevaluate your path.

Use your review as a chance to reflect on what you want out of your career. Do you want weekends off, or do you want your own segment? Tell your boss you would love to have those opportunities by the time you have your next review.

Bosses like people who think ahead, and setting goals shows you’re invested in your future.

3. Be polite.

Yes, this sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. I’ve had co-workers lose their cool during annual reviews, and it did not end well.

Remember that this is part of your job, and your boss is (hopefully) telling you things that will help you improve. Even if you disagree with something they say, don’t be rude and don’t get too defensive.

That being said, stand up for yourself if you need to, but pick your battles.

4. Ask questions.

Just like on a job interview, bosses love when you ask questions during a review.

Try asking about any upcoming projects the station is participating in and how you can help. Maybe even ask how your boss envisions your role evolving over the next year.

5. Keep it confidential.

Don’t tell the rest of the newsroom what happened during your review. It is none of their business.

You never know what your boss might have told you about future plans that others don’t know about yet. Your meetings with your boss should always be private.

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