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Does Market Size Really Matter?

🕒 March 19, 2018
How to Stay Healthy When You’re Always on Deadline
🕒 March 12, 2018
President Trump, Sexual Assault, Police Brutality: 
There’s No Room For Your Opinion
🕒 March 04, 2018
Dealing With Drama: 
Is This The Newsroom or High School?
C6E4GF USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Young woman working in office. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.
🕒 February 28, 2018

In TV News:

Sometimes Viewers Are Bullies
🕒 February 24, 2018

Out In The Field:

Why Breaking News Shouldn’t Always Come First
🕒 February 21, 2018
TV News Job Interviews: 
You’re being judged before you walk through the door
🕒 February 20, 2018
My First Job in TV News:
Do I Eat or Pay Rent?
🕒 February 18, 2018

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