3 Crucial Things To Do Before Asking
Your News Director For A Raise (2019)

3 Crucial Things To Do
Before Asking Your News
Director For A Raise (2019)

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 December 05, 2019

Everyone wants a raise! Right? Especially in the news industry.

But the real question is, “Do you actually deserve a raise?” While working as a reporter, I made it a priority to put in the actual work that would result in a raise.

Before you start complaining about how much you actually need a raise there are a few things to consider first…

1. What Do You Bring to the Table?

In a cover letter for my previous reporting job, I wrote about how I could be an asset to the station. When I actually got the job, those words on paper were placed into action. I encourage you to do the same.

Before walking into your news director’s office, I want you to either take a mental note or write down how unique you are to your news team and how much you’ve grown during your time there. That way, when you’re ready to ask for a raise, you’ll have several legitimate reasons that will explain why you deserve that raise.

You can start by yourself these questions:
          • What special qualities do you have?
          • What challenges as a reporter, photographer, or producer have you overcome?
          • How did you overcome those challenges?

2. What Are Your Future Goals at Your Current Station?

Growth matters! Make it one of your top priorities at your current station to grow in every capacity.

Take a moment to think of the areas that you would like to grow in. Maybe you’re a weekend reporter who would like a different shift.

Think about what you would like to tell your news director, in terms of how you could grow if you were to be given a raise and moved to a different shift.​ For instance, you may tell your news director that more LIVE shots could help in your growth.

3. Simply Do the Work.

If we’re being honest here, it’s obvious that working in the news industry is far from easy, especially at the local level where you are prone to do things that, at the time, makes no sense to you.

While you are in the position that you’re in, power through. I know it’s hard, but power through and be an example to the rest of your team. Show your news director that you deserve a raise by your actions.

Pitch great story ideas to your news director, WOW your news director with a spectacular story that could have easily been bland. Go above and beyond.

While I worked as a bureau reporter, I made sure to do exactly that. While my news director didn’t see me everyday I still showed up and showed out in every way that I could, and I made it obvious that I was doing the work and submitting solid content everyday.

Hopefully, these tips will help you before you walk into your news director’s office for this talk. Consider all three points to talk about during your conversation.

You’re a journalist, so think of it as a pitch. Make it great! And remember, no matter the outcome of the talk, continue to put in the work necessary in order to achieve your goals.

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