4 Wardrobe Subscription Services Every Journalist Should Know About

4 Wardrobe Subscription Services Every Journalist Should Know About

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 August 18, 2021

If you’re an on-air talent, maintaining a diverse wardrobe can not only be difficult, it can be expensive.

For those of us who have pulled that belted red dress out of the closet one too many times, some wardrobe subscription services can help…but, remember, not all of them were created equal.

1. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix offers the basics and everyday staples. They charge a small $25 styling fee, which is applied towards any item you choose to keep.

If you’re someone who likes wearing blazers and dress pants, this service is full of those options. The stylists tend to focus on business casual with button-up shirts and fitted skirts.

Expect about five items—tops, pants, dresses, accessories, shoes—in each box. Although you can set your style settings before ordering a box, you can’t see what garments will be inside until you receive it.

Unfortunately, that means some of the items may be duds, but you still owe the $25 styling fee.

2. Nordstrom Trunk

Nordstrom Trunk offers clothes that Nordstrom actually sells on its racks. Their services are geared toward the more fashion forward crowd. 

Subscribers are asked to set their style settings, and the price range preferred, for each style of garment. For example, $50 to $100 for tops, or $100 to $150 for dresses, etc.

The stylists may include high fashion brands, or well respected department store lines, depending on your price point. The great thing about this service is you get to preview the box and approve, swap or deny any items inside. Most importantly, if something is on sale at Nordstrom, you get the sale price!

However, just like Stitch Fix, if you don’t keep any items you’re still on the hook for the $25 styling fee.

3. Rent the Runway

High end fashion lines are popular on Rent the Runway. This service allows subscribers to rent a garment at a deeply discounted price and return it later.

Memberships start at $69, and they send four items at a time. Unlike other subscription services, RtR allows users to select the clothes they want so there are no surprise duds. According to their website, the average member rents $34,000 worth of clothing every year.

4. NYC & Co. Closet

Similarly to Rent the Runway, the NYC & Co. program allows members to rent and return garments at a steep discount.

For $49.95/month you receive three items that you can wear, and then return them in a pre-paid envelope. Exchanges are free, and members aren’t required to clean the garments after wear.

The clothing brand already offers a number of on-air-worthy looks. For example, the stylist favored “jewel tones” and structured dresses, tops and skirts.

Many of these wardrobe subscription services have a referral program that allows you to keep an article of clothing at no extra cost, or for a smaller fee. These options can help diversify your TV wardrobe without breaking the bank. 😉

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