Survive The Summer Heat
With These Refreshing Hacks

Survive The Summer Heat With These Refreshing Hacks

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 June 30, 2021

When the summer months roll around, air conditioning can only go so far to protect us from the dreaded drip of concealer, underarm sweat and flat hair.

For the journalists out in the field, keeping cool can be a challenge.

But I can name a few tools that can help you chill out…

Mini fans that plug into a car’s USB jack, or straight into your phone, can help wick away beads of sweat in the minutes leading up to a live-shot. Amazon sells mini fans for your phone at about $6. Meanwhile, Walmart offers larger versions that clip right onto your tripod or vehicle at a cost of $10.

Setting spray can help your makeup stand up against the heat all day. For example, All Nighter by Urban Decay, runs about $29. Similar products with SPF are also available, like Ulta Wannabe Active, which has a 15 SPF that can make a difference during a long day in the field.

Nobody likes the feeling of sweaty thighs, which can happen while standing in the head or carrying gear.

If you want to wear a dress, without the stress, consider a pair of biking shorts underneath. Find them for as little as $5 from Forever 21, or $50 from Lululemon, depending on the quality you’re after. Bonus: The elastic of the shorts has a nice slimming effect (think Spanx). 😉

Wearing flats, or other shoes without socks, can lead to sweaty—even stinky—feet in the summer. They can also make feet prone to blisters or fungus. Try on a pair of anti-sweat socks, like the no-show socks from Bomba for $12.

Most people already have one of these, so packing an umbrella in your car (for days when shade is minimal) shouldn’t cost you a thing. The umbrella can be rigged to your tripod, using a clamp or bungee cord, enabling shade while you shoot video. Not only will this keep you cool, but it also protects against sunburned scalp.

As reporters, photographers and field producers, it’s likely you will spend a few hot summer days outside with minimal cover. Plan and pack ahead to optimize your cool factor and maintain your look.

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