6 New Career Options Perfect
For Former TV Journalists

6 New Career Options Perfect For Former TV Journalists

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 February 22, 2022

From low pay, to odd schedules, to dangerous risks and work toxic environments, there are a number of reasons journalists leave the industry.

But finding a new job can seem daunting, especially when TV news reporting seems so niche. It turns out there are a number of career paths well suited for a former MMJ, producer, anchor, or photographer.

1. Social Media Manager

Any business that’s relevant these days has a social media presence, ranging from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Working in news not only introduces us to the various platforms, their functions and analytics, but we’re also excellent at writing hooks and getting to the point.

A successful business needs people to stop scrolling, and ex-journalists know how to capture attention with concise, creative and engaging writing.

2. Communications

Non-profits and for profit organizations alike. Everything, from animal shelters to school districts to local boutiques, has newsletters and blogs these days.

Potential customers don’t want to click on an ad that screams “BUY ME.” They’re more likely to engage, and spend money, when there’s a compelling story tied to the product or service. That’s where you come in.

Companies need a strong writer who can introduce people to their brand, in a way that’s enlightening and interesting, without being overbearing.

3. Marketing

Ever write a tease for a story? Interview a local business for that lifestyle segment on your show? Do a live-shot calling on people to visit your station-sponsored toy drive? You’re already a marketing pro!

Every time a journalist teases their story, or highlights the great qualities of someone or something, that’s marketing. Take your influencing skills and use them to bring in new customers to a business.

4. Legal System

From judge’s clerk to attorney. Journalists who spent a majority of their time in the courtroom will have a leg up on several jobs in the legal system.

This will obviously require further education, and credentials. But with the amount of judicial experience under your belt you already have, this is a natural direction. Oh, and if you didn’t already know—careers in this field pay a pretty penny.

5. Psychiatrist

We already spend so much of our time listening to people talk about the challenges in their lives. Why not make this a full-time gig?

Being a successful story teller requires empathy, and compassion, qualities that also make for a great psychiatrist. Your ability to really hear and see people for who they are, and what they’re dealing with, will help you excel in this field. This work, too, will require a bit more schooling, but could be truly rewarding.

6. Spokesperson or Film Production

Whether you’re a commercial actor, or writing the scripts for a new Netflix show, your journalist superpowers will be extremely useful.

You already know how to work the camera. Projecting ​your voice, commanding attention, and speaking clearly are necessities of any live-shot. Now use them to advocate, represent or even promote a brand or individual.

If your skill set rests more in the production side of things, brands are always looking for commercial producers who have the Maidus touch with a camera. 😉

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