Jenna Huff

Jenna Huff newsroom local tv news director review

Current Stations: WGXA, WFXL

Twitter: @jennamcwilliams

LinkedIn: Jenna Huff

"Confusing, frustrating, depressing"
"Disheartening, depressing, mentally draining, stressful, petty drama, unpleasant, unproductive, poor leadership...

The News Director is Jenna Huff, who works out of the station hub in Macon. Employees see her roughly once per quarter and have conference calls with her roughly once per month, if not less. Jenna cared very little about the day-to-day operation and would direct any problems in the station to the News Manager, Kerri..."
"Indifferent- not seen much"
"Like working with an angry bulldog

Jenna pits people against each other and pushes out good talent. You'll volunteer to help and get stuck with a crappy shift or no days off for months at a time..."
"Manipulative News Director, Very Deceptive and Passive/Aggressive

Management (Jenna Huff) is manipulative and really doesn't care about the staff. She pits reporters against one another in negative competition, makes false promises and creates a hostile work environment. She developed a "leadership team" of "yes men" including the Executive Producer who has no clue as to what she's doing and is very lazy, but only pretends as if she want's to help and can't work under pressure..."
"Jenna is very competitive and a great leader. She expects the best from everyone. As long as you give it your all, you'll have her respect. Bring stories to the table that will lead the newscast."
"Hardly work with her because she is the news director at another station, and is in Macon..."