Kerri Copello

Kerri Copello newsroom local tv news director review

Current Station: WFXL

Twitter: @KerriWFXL

LinkedIn: Kerri Copello

"Disheartening, depressing, mentally draining, stressful, petty drama, unpleasant, unproductive, poor leadership

Staff in the "Albany bureau," for lack of a better description, report to News Manager Kerri Copello. Kerri has little, if any, respect for her employees and the work they do. She has no experience as a leader and is incredibly unqualified to be in charge of a news operation or employees.

She is quick to point fingers at her employees openly in front of other employees, even when she is fully in the wrong, which usually stems from Kerri's inability to communicate clearly or her lack of focus. She never takes responsibility for her own actions or her own mistakes. It's always the news team's fault..."
"The toxic work environment is brought on by the news manager, Kerri Copello who runs day to day operations for the station. She single handily made every reporter miserable.

The news manager, Kerri Copello is one to watch out for. She runs the day to day operations, not the news director. She will lie to you, be deceitful, and will be sure to throw you under the bus. She will tell one reporter one thing, then another person something different..."
"The News Manager, Kerri, Copello is the go to person. Not the best work environment, especially for a first job when you're trying to learn. Hardly get any direction."