How To Safely Use Social Media To Find Friends Outside Of Work

How To Safely Use
Social Media To Find
Friends Outside Of Work

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 July 21, 2020

Many people in the TV News business will find themselves making a cross-country move at some point in their career…

…Not to mention, moving to a new market, in an unfamiliar city, can make it difficult to find friends. Not to worry, there are several resources out there that can help you make connections.

There are many social apps that can help you find people with common interests.

The platform Bumble BFF is a spin on its dating service, Bumble. Bumble BFF connects people who want a friend to go for a hike, grab a cocktail after work, or see that new scary movie.

To sign up, input general information about your age, location, basic interests, and whether you’re looking for a male or female friend. Just like Tinder,you will be matched with other app users who may share the same interests as you.

Meet Up is an app that brings people together around a specific date or event. It’s only available in bigger cities, but it’s expanding. Through this platform, you can search for a local volleyball game, Spanish conversation group, wine tasting and much more.

There are activities in just about any category, and if you can’t find an event you’re interested in you can create your own.

The Meet Ups typically cap the number of participants, so be sure to choose the option “going.” Some of the get-togethers will cost money, like going to dinner or a movie, but most of them are free.

Facebook has an events page that you’ve probably already been following for story ideas, but don’t be afraid to go to some of them yourself.

There’s an option to “explore” events in your area and, often times, that can lead to fun star-gazing events or free cheese tastings at your local co-op. You never know who you might meet at one of these community events.

Another option for making friends is volunteering. Schedule a time to help out at your local food bank, art museum, environmental organization, or homeless shelter.

You will likely meet another person your age picking up cigarette butts at the beach, or serving meals to the homeless, and you’ll know that person at least has a heart for service. Not only can you make a new friend, but you will be helping your community, and, who knows, possibly gain some story ideas while putting in the hours.

Calling a new place home can be tough, especially without friends, a significant other, or family to help connect you to the community.

The tools listed above can help make that connection happen in a more safe and seamless way, but ultimately, it’s up to you to keep an open mind and a willing attitude!

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