5 Free Apps For Editing High-
Quality Video On Your Cell Phone

5 Free Apps For Editing High-Quality Video On Your Phone

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 November 30, 2020

You might be blown away by all the free apps there are out there for editing high-quality video on your cell phone.

In some small market stations, an iPhone 11 may actually capture better video than the station’s outdated gear. So editing high-quality video on your phone might make the story look better. On the other hand, even if your shop’s equipment is top notch, it wouldn’t hurt to know which video editing apps are out there and how to use them.

1. iMovie

Similar to the iMovie that’s available on your computer, the iMovie app can be downloaded on your cell phone for free. It’s an easy to use app that allows you to edit and and publish high-quality videos for social media.

The app allows you to apply transitions, crop video, make cuts, and adjust audio. Using your finger to scroll through the footage, identify where you want the video or audio to fade and apply the transition with the touch of your finger. Note: iMovie is only available in the app store for iPhone users.

2. Splice

Splice is also a helpful little tool. There are two versions of the app, one can be used for editing video, and the other is for editing audio and music.

The video editing version is available to download for free, but the’s also a more advanced option that costs $2.99. In addition to editing transitions and cuts, this app allows you to overlay text on the video. You can also add music, or sound effects, and add slow motion to really polish your video. Note: Splice is now available in the Google Play Store for Android users.

3. Quik

From the makers of GoPro, Quik is a free app designed to help you speed up the editing process. For example, simply choose the clips you want to use, select a theme, and the app will put together a high-quality video in minutes.

The app’s smart technology scans your footage for great moments and brings them to your attention. It can add transitions and other adjustments on its own, but still allows manual changes. Note: Quik is available for both Android and iPhone.

4. Adobe Premier

Adobe Premiere is used in many newsrooms as the primary editing software, but now it’s available for download on iPhone and Android.

Praised for being easy to use, this app offers two editing modes: Freeform and Automatic. The Freeform mode keeps the editing power in your hands, while Automatic lets Adobe trim your clips and place transitions for a faster edit.

Automatic color correction is also an option. On the other hand, video rotation is not. This app also syncs with other Adobe softwares, like Lightroom.

5. WeVideo

For those with too much content on their phones, WeVideo is hosted online through a cloud service. The free version offers all the basics, but only provides enough cloud space for about one video.

The premium option, which costs $4.99, offers more advanced features. Features like a music library, with commercially licensed music, and the ability to share videos in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Note: It’s also available for iPhone and Android.

These five apps can help take your social media video from dull to dynamic, by including smooth transitions and engaging sound. It may be a better use of your money to try one of the free apps first, to get the hang of editing on a smaller screen with your fingers, before you commit to a purchasing one. Many of these apps offer tutorial videos, which can help you get a jumpstart on your mobile editing experience.

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