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To Selfie or Not to Selfie? 

Written by Lois Lane
🕒 May 6, 2018

In the sea of television news, I’ve come to find you have many different species of reporters.

Some are great diggers, while others are great at general assignment reporting. Some are feature reporters, and others excel at breaking news.

But the one I find most fascinating is the one I like to call #Reporterbae. We’ve all met one of these. #Reporterbae never lets a good opportunity for a selfie pass by.

Even in a warzone, bae is out there looking for the best light, angle and filter. It’s all about the hashtags after that.

Image result for trying to take a selfie gif

#Crimescene #Crimetape #Dream #Dreamcometrue #Reporterlove
#Iflyaboveallthehaters #Reporterbae #Driven #Motivated #Lovinglife #Blessed
#Endlesssunshine #News #Lovenews #Me #Me #Me #Me.

While it’s hilarious, it’s also sad to imagine someone scouring a crime scene for the best light during the most devastating time of someone’s life, then spending the time they could be turning the actual story admiring themselves on a smart phone.

Seriously, we’ve all taken a picture or two for the ‘gram, and goodness knows we’re always pointing our cameras at devastation, but does anyone else think this is taking it TOO far??

The danger is that young reporters and viewers will start to forget what we’re actually here for, which is to tell a good story. A selfie is for later, after work ends, if you ask me.

Leave a comment below, and let me know what you think of #Reporterbae?

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