7 Books Written By Journalists That Will Get You Out Of A Creative Rut

7 Books Written By Journalists That Will Get You Out Of A Creative Rut

Written by Soul Witness
🕒 August 22, 2019

Ever feel a little stale?

It can be in your work, your story ideas, your motivation. The list goes on. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Something I recommend doing is looking at other journalists’ work… and not just the videos they edit.

One of the best ways to keep your game and your mind sharp is by reading. So, here is a list of seven books I love written by those in the business. Because, who else knows what we go through?

That being said, the first book is “Gangs II” by Ross Kemp.

Image result for “Gangs II” by Ross Kemp

Granted, most of us don’t dive headfirst into the most dangerous parts of the world. But still.

He’s more of a documentary guy, and you’ll travel the world with him in this book about…well, gangs. I’m sure Gangs (the first book) is amazing as well, I just haven’t been able to read it yet.

Kemp tells you about some scary situations he’s been in, while teaching you about different gangs and the way their members live and think. It’s exciting and eye opening to say the least.

The next is “Dispatches from the Edge” by Anderson Cooper.

This book had me on the edge several times. You really get a sense of how Anderson Cooper became Anderson Cooper.

He opens up about some of the worst moments in his life, and how he dealt with them, all the while being sent to the edges of the globe to tell us, watching at home, about devastating events.

He shares how he got started in the news business and what he learned along the way.

Speaking of incredible journalists; there are two books by Bob Dotson on my list.

The way he tells stories is, in my opinion, remarkable. He makes you feel a connection to the characters.

His book “Make it Memorable” tells you about some techniques that can help you do that on your own. Plus, more advice, tips, and tricks.

The other book, “American Story” shares tales about those relatable characters who are, in fact, humans just like us, from all across the country. A reader can learn quite a bit about style and writing by reading that book.

Arguably another legend in the world of news is Larry King.

Image result for “Truth Be Told” by larry king

His book “Truth Be Told” gives so much insight on what happened behind the scenes of his decades-long show, “Larry King Live.”

He tells many stories, and shares witty wisdom, about how he dealt with, we’ll call them “less than ideal”, guests and situations that all went down live on air.

In this business, we are all bound to struggle and come across some major obstacles along the way…

“Faith in the Land of Make Believe” by Lee Stanley is a raw and real look inside several personal hardships the filmmaker faced throughout his life.

It also gives an inside look at how difficult the movie and television business can be in those larger markets like several in the state of California.

Despite all of it, Stanley said he maintained a belief that he would accomplish his goals. He did, but it took about a decade.

This book is a pep talk from an underdog who went through a lot of tough times and came out triumphant.

Keeping with the theme of positivity, “And the Good News Is…” by Dana Perino leaves you feeling unstoppable.

Image result for

She tells her “unlikely story” of how she became the Press Secretary to President George W. Bush. She gets real in her book by talking about the “quarter life crisis” that many young people try to navigate through.

She goes through the ups and downs in her career, and how she thought she’d never get back to Washington, D.C. after leaving several years before.

An entire chapter of the book is dedicated to giving young journalists and professionals alike her best career advice. If you feel like you’re stuck, I’d recommend reading this book for some encouragement.

Feeling stuck (I believe) is something not just journalists but everyone goes through in their life at least once. If you learn nothing else from these books, I hope you take away that each person’s journey is different. We are all unique so our paths will be unique to each of us. Just keep on pushing toward your goals!

Happy reading! 📚

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