Jeff Houston

Jeff Houston newsroom local tv news director review

Current Station: WBMA

Twitter: @JeffTVnews

LinkedIn: Jeff Houston

"Terrible. The newsroom is pretty chaotic and disorganized. More so than a normal newsroom. Jeff likes to flip schedules around pretty frequently. If you upset him or challenge him in any way, you’ll be on the overnights for a few months. Overall it’s a toxic and negative environment. Turnover is pretty high. That’s why they require producers to sign contracts and non competes."
"He is such a jerk. There is no way he should be in charge of a news room. He likes to bully people and tries to rule with fear tactics. I can’t wait to leave."
"I don’t want to bash him. However, he’s simply not a good person. That translates into awful mgr. very little empathy, and very much like a mean girl from high school. Gossipy and plays favorites. Get everything in writing - immediately! (Been known to say promotions, raises and schedule change discussions never happened)"
"He is the worst person I have ever worked for. Clearly unorganized, major OCD about minor things. Completely incapable of communicating effectively with staff. He’s the kid that was bullied in middle school and now takes it out on others because he has some power."
"Horrible boss. Worst I’ve ever had...

The News Director’s mottos for leadership: “I prefer to inspire with fear” and “if people like you, you aren’t doing a good job.”"