Greg Schieferstein

Greg Schieferstein news director local tv newsroom

Current Station: KRNV

LinkedIn: Greg Schieferstein

"Fine. He delegates a lot. But overall he seems to be a good guy."
"Atrocious. Lacks any kind of understanding...

...Moronic, jerk, and plain and simply undeserving of the position of News Director. He pretends to know what he is doing and it becomes painfully clear that he has no business in this business...

...Greg turned a thriving newsroom into a highly toxic environment. The 6am morning show tanked within 6 months of him taking over. He is a complete and utter disaster. He is protected by the good ol boy system and nothing will happen to him no matter how many claims are made against him. While he is there, avoid this station at all costs."
"Run as fast and as far as you can. While everyone else in the building is amazing, Greg is the worst person I've ever met, let alone worked with. He has had several sexual harassment claims against him, and yet is still there...

...If you're a woman, beware. Greg is check you out openly, and make inappropriate comments about the way you look."
"A real nightmare"