Cathie Batbie-Loucks

Cathie Batbie-Loucks newsroom local tv news director review

Current Station: KVOA

Facebook: @cathie.batbie

LinkedIn: Cathie Batbie-Loucks

Instagram: @cbatbie

"She is very cut-throat and unreasonable. She is one of the worst to work for."
"She plays favorites hard. She can be very cut-throat if you are not on her good side."
"Enjoyed my time there. She's worked in the market for years and knows what viewers want to see. It's a laid back environment, but you need to be motivated to work. There's great content in this market. It's up to you how you want to put the story together.

Bottom line, if you work hard, you're creative and you're positive, Cathie will love and help you. Remember it and never forget it."
"She can be very manic and fails to listen to reason. However she is fair and means well in her decision making."