Bryan Queen

Bryan Queen newsroom local tv news director review

Current Station: WHP

Twitter: @BreakingNewsBry

LinkedIn: Bryan Queen

"Literal hell. Toxic"
"Bryan is a nightmare of a person. He has no leadership skills, constantly puts his staff down, openly favors men, has no communication skills, only wants to cover national news and weather, and facilities an extremely negative and toxic work environment

...Bryan is constantly putting his staff down, never gives positive feedback, doesn't understand what a good news story is, is unable to make eye contact or hold a conversation... I would rather be homeless than ever work under his leadership at this station again."
"Toxic. Upsetting. Demeaning. Horrible work environment"
"HORRIFIC. Has no human decency, lacks basic communication skills, sets team up for failure, is in no way a positive leader and creates a toxic work environment."