Barb Roethler

Barb Roethler newsroom local tv news director review

Current Station: WILX

Twitter: @roethler11

LinkedIn: Barb Roethler

"Barb Roethler is the worst person in news, if not the entire media business. This woman does not care about a single person who works for her. I don't work here anymore but stumbled on the site and had to give my informed opinion. She is so insufferable to work for that the weather guy of 30+ years left and so did the morning anchor."
"Horrible. She’s manipulative, conniving, sends empty emails and expects you to guess what she wants. will ask you if you knocked on someone’s door for ratings. Ethics out the window for her. She really does not care. Get everything in writing. Everything and start documenting everything because she’ll do the same for you and have it ready whenever she feels like you overstepped you’re boundaries or challenges her authority."
"Beyond unprofessional...

...The overall toxic environment overseen by the News Director is nothing short of despicable. I cannot imagine any other station exists where passive aggressive emails, unrealistic expectations with little time to execute, non existent communication etc. Are allowed to happen for as long as it has with this current news director...

...If you would like to work at WILX there is only one thing to check. Is Barb Roethler the news director. If yes, do not take it."
"Everything is done thru email. its so strange and passive aggressive...

...Barb does have good enough news judgement and doesnt get in the way on stories. But good lord, she's a mean person deep down. The turnover at WILX the last 8 months or so was INSANE even by tv standards. An anchor and met let go just because Barb felt like it."
"Horrible. Unpleasant. Moody. Unprofessional. Conniving. Just a bad/miserable human being...

...Barb was the worst person I have ever worked for. She promised many of us young reporters that we'd get our chance to anchor, do some sport reporting, whatever we wanted, etc.. None of that happened, she lies to bring you in, but once you are in, you'll soon realize it was all lies, it is a shit show."
"She’s not qualified for the position. Bases everything off her emotions instead of what’s best for the company."
"She was very knowledgeable , had good experience. She was pretty easy to talk to. Never yelled or talked down to people. She also didn’t pit up with lazy people or drama."
"She's been fired from all the Detroit stations for a reason."
"I learned alot. She has alot of previous experience so she was helpful"
"Horrible. She doesnt care about her employees but she is an an okay ND— has good news judgement. She lied all the time. She hired her friends and didn't work hard. She's out the door early every day, and made empty promises."