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RateMyStation.com offers a safe place for people in local news to anonymously share their experiences about a news station they work for, or have worked for in the past, without fear of retribution.

This is also an honest place for anyone to learn more about a news station they may be interested in working for one day. Plus, anyone can subscribe to our job center for unlimited access to job applications, exclusively from the most highly rated stations. 

Rate My Station also publishes a newsletter written by two women who currently work in the business and want to offer their advice, and last but not least we sell premium newsroom specific apparel you won’t find anywhere else.  

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From the Creator: Valeria Sistrunk

First, I want to start off by saying if you’ve contributed to my website by submitting a review, subscribing to the job center, purchasing apparel or sharing an article THANK YOU!!!

I decided to create Rate My Station in November 2017, almost a year after I’d officially decided to leave the newsroom forever. For years I worked as a Reporter/MMJ/Anchor, and unfortunately experienced two news stations that just weren’t right for me. In fact, my last station’s News Director created such a toxic work environment I found that I’d completely lost my passion for news. So I eventually left.

A few months later, while on the phone listening to a friend vent about her station, I made the decision to do something to help prevent others from taking a job at a station that could rob them of their passion.

As most of us who’ve worked for a toxic station know, it’s almost impossible to warn any new hire about how bad a station really is before they sign their contract. Plus, News Directors are always great at hiding anything that might make us reconsider taking the job.

So I created Rate My Station, to not only shine a light on the newsrooms you should probably avoid, but to highlight the news stations you should definitely apply to.

So far this website has helped hundreds find the right news station to work for, and with your continued contributions, we will be able to help thousands more in the future!

-Valeria 💕

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